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What is Ballet? 

Defining Ballet, tips about Ballet Slippers and Dancewear:
Ballet is an art form involving movement technique and choreography or the design of moving bodies in spacial relationships. Ballet is a specific dance form and technique set to a specific movement vocabulary of dance terms which are expressed in the French language. . Many historians list dance as the oldest of the human art forms. When looking at dance it is very structured in its movements, when dance is set to a musical score for rhythm, you are able to see how the physical movements translate into joy and happiness. The movements of ballet beautify and create gracefulness throughout your limbs and body. Enchanting and graceful with unbelievable steps, ballet is an extremely difficult dance to master and perform with a level of technical perfection.

An important part of the ballet dancer's equipment is the ballet shoe, while the shoes are beautiful they are essential and important in the ballet dance. The ballet shoes are designed to be pleasing to the audience and mostly they are designed to function for the dancers. Ballet shoes typically do not last very long and have a short life, but the shoes were designed to help the dancer move with implausible strength and grace while dancing. Pointe shoes, in many ways, can be considered an extension of the dancer. When purchasing ballet shoes keep in mind that leather last longer than canvas, if you do purchase the shoes in canvas you will need to replace them more often. Another decision that must be made for ballet flat shoes is the type of closure on them. When taking ballet classes the teacher or instructor might have color, type and brand requirements, so check before purchasing. When just starting out and learning ballet it is not important to purchase the most expensive shoes, purchase your ballet shoes at a discount store, if you like it you can always purchase more expensive shoes.

Beginning students for any type of activity always look ahead and imagine the day when they will be able to wear pointe shoes. Ballet shoes are not a normal looking dance shoes they have an odd shape and with a flat section in the front of the shoe but they are designed in this fashion to help the dancer stand on their toes. There are several elements involved in the anatomy of a pointe shoe, all of which contribute to its fit and performance. When first starting out in ballet and you will need to purchase ballet shoes, you will not need pointe shoes until you reach a more advanced level..

Tights come in a variety of colors, with the most popular being pink and black. Ballet dancers usually wear either tights or leotards for comfortable body maneuver. The tights that Ballet dancers wear are tight-fitting which allows the fluid movement when the dancers are performing. Specialized ballet tights are often found in plain colors.

From the beginning of time dances such as ballet have been intertwined with music. Without music ballet is nothing more than the empty motions of a ritual. Such schools offer both beginners classes as well as classes for training professionals with live music accompanying instructions and training.

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